A dwarven werewolf scout


Freygar is a mountain of muscle and scar tissue, towering over most other dwarves. His hair is a dark, thick brown that seems more like fur than hair. Tattoos of a former thieves guild adorn his arms and back in elaborate patterns. There is a wild life in his eyes, like a caged beast, but also a great sadness. He walks like a great iron chains have been placed upon his shoulders.

He is a quiet man, often lost in thought.


Freygar has hunted the dark pine forests outside of Uthra for years now, looking after his family and sheltering them from what he saw as the brutal and selfish corruption of the nobles. The beast blood in his veins is an often rumored secret in the dockside taverns, but no one moved against him out of justified fear.

Freygar lost all three of his children when the Children of Morenth, a dragon cult dedicated to a leviathan, attacked Uthra while their soldiers were away. His life was saved by the intervention of party’s noble charge into danger. Finding himself with little else to live for, he has sworn to follow and restore the high kingdom.


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