Sorn Arkendum

The hot-blooded younger brother of Korvak


The first thing that might flash across one’s mind when meeting Sorn Arkendum is “fire.” With a shock of copper-hued hair and his trademark wide, wild sideburns and goattee, Sorn has the appearance and demeanor of a dwarf who is constantly on the move. He often goes shirtless, dressing similarly to his crew, though he has a strong fondness for gold jewelry and bedecks himself in rings and chains. He always seems to have a wild smile and a mischievous glint in his sky blue eyes. He usually has his battleaxe, with a hooked rear head similar in design to his brother Korvak’s, close at hand.

Sorn captains The Laughing Wave, a caravel similar in design to the Star. Unlike his brother, Sorn has painted his deck in bright reds and greens and yellows, and his sails are patchworks of colorful linens. His crew are a rough and rowdy lot, but tight-knit and generally good-natured.


Like his brother, Sorn served aboard his ship for decades before becoming its captain. Though part of the Arkendum “fleet,” the Wave was under the command of Argold Parruk, a close friend and companion of Sorn’s father, Ragni. Sorn was not the only youth aboard the ship; he was joined by Argold’s only son, Dagrud. The two young dwarves became brothers in all but name, experiencing many dangers and adventures side-by-side. The only tension between the two came from the question of which would inherit the ship some day. Sorn believed he should, since it was built by and considered part of his house, while Dagrud believed that his father’s long captaincy and loyalty should make the ship, essentially, a feudal holding for the Parruk family.

The question was settled tragically by a freak storm in the night that took the lives of many of the Wave’s crew, including Dagrud.

Yargold, devastated by the loss, retired to tend his small holdings in the Arkendum lands. Sorn became captain, but the achievement was bittersweet at best.

Rumor has it that Sorn’s recent adventures into southern waters have been less than honorable in nature. Accusations of smuggling, theft, and even piracy have begun to reach northern shores. Whether or not these tales hold any truth remains to be seen.

Sorn Arkendum

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