The Aventurine Star and Crew

A dwarven caravel, swift and sturdy.


30875.jpegThe Aventurine Star is a three-masted caravel with a small mizzen mast. It is over two centuries old, but well-maintained and loved. It has three decks, plus the forecastle and quarterdeck, and can carry up to 150 tons of cargo. For typical deliveries, it crews twenty men plus its captain.

Used for most of the ship’s cargo.

Lower Deck
Used for secondary cargo storage, this deck also holds three guest rooms and the infirmary at the stern, a single-cell brig towards the fore, and the ship’s galley.

Main Deck
The area where most of the crew spends their time. Beneath the forecastle are the crew’s quarters, while to the rear are the captain’s quarters and a communal dining room.

Mounted on the forecastle is a ballista mounted on a pivot. The bolts for this weapon can be set alight to better damage enemy vessels. The ship usually carries two bolts attached to heavy chains, to aid in boarding action.

Here stands the ship’s helm.


The Aventurine Star was built by Siga Arkendum, brother to Ragni and uncle to Korvak, Sorn, and Cilra. At the time, it was one of the most advanced designs in the islands, and to this day it remains a remarkably quick and sturdy vessel. Siga was a renown captain, a cunning fighter, and a skilled navigator. He kept a disciplined crew and ran a tight ship, but he was also known for his acts of kindness and generosity. He took on Korvak as a cabin boy when the young dwarf was old enough, and Korvak served his uncle for nearly a century, gaining experience, respect and, eventually, the title of first mate. When Siga passed twelve years ago, he left the ship to his nephew.

Korvak prides himself on maintaining the Star’s reputation as an honorable ship with an honorable crew, and many of them are Siga’s men who have stayed on with his successor.

Tomas Errin, First Mate

Tomas is a human, one of the very few in the isles to hold a high rank and his crew’s respect. He served with Siga for most of his life, and was glad to stay on with Korvak. He was, however, very surprised and a bit reluctant when Korvak selected him as first mate, fearing the crew would resent having a human issuing them orders. He underestimated the respect his work ethic, loyalty, and courage had earned him, however, and quickly found the job to his liking. He and his captain compliment each other well; both men prize discipline in the crew, and Tomas possesses a deep knowledge of maritime laws and traditions, as well as an uncanny ability to detect gambling or illicit substances on his ship.

Pakk “Pyrite” Durgen, Helmsman

Pakk is another veteran of the crew, having served under both Korvak and Siga. A fellow dwarf, he is a bit older than his captain, with gray beginning to creep into his beard and hair, but every bit as spry and sturdy as in his youth. He has steered the ship through terrible storms and pitched battles, his eyes a steely calm and his teeth locked in a mad grin the entire time. A loyal and professional sailor, Pyrite’s one great vice is gambling. He is notoriously enthusiastic about playing dice or cards, and even more notorious for losing entire months of wages on a single roll—hence his nickname.

Tarrik “Rat Stew” Harni, Quartermaster/Ship’s Cook

Tarrik is a more recent addition to the crew, joining a few years ago when the previous cook retired. He is incredibly surly, even by dwarven standards, and considers his galley to be his absolute, sacrosanct domain. He is quite good at his jobs, being both a very organized bookkeeper and a very resourceful cook—but he has an odd fondness for the utility and ubiquity of rat meat, believing that catching and cooking the rodents is a far more efficient use of the ship’s money than buying salted beef or fish. Whenever supplies grow tight, he can be relied upon to suggest his favorite alternative source of protein.

Bazlar “Baz” Nortul, Ship’s Navigator

Another of Siga’s veterans, Bazlar is the ship’s dedicated navigator and cartographer. He has become quite adept at map-making over the decades, and his works are quite popular and highly sought-after in larger cities. In fact, Baz could have probably retired comfortably many years ago, but the old dwarf is driven by wanderlust and a love of discovery. He’s been less than thrilled to he stuck on routine trading runs of late, and constantly pushes his captain towards adventure.

Droric Trurador, Ship’s Doctor

Droric has only recently become the ship’s doctor, taking over the post from his father, Tovar. He spent many years as a cabin boy aboard the Star, and loves the ship fiercely. He trained in the medical arts under priests and herbalists, but has grave doubts about the efficacy of some of the treatments he learned there. He’s always seeking to refine and improve his craft, seeking medical journals or tomes at every port.

Bori Feldun, Crewman and “Morale Officer”Wounded

Bori is everyone’s best friend, or at least, everyone’s mildly annoying but likable acquaintance. Quick of wit and long of wind, this young dwarven sailor rarely stops talking unless he’s coaxed a tale out of someone else. When the Star reaches shore, Bori is always the first one off the boat and into a tavern, buying a round for his compatriots. He dreams of running a drinking establishment of his own some day, with grand plans to stock it with the finest ales, musicians, and buxom bar maids. He has an unfortunate tendency to get on First Mate Tomas Errin’s nerves.

Other Crew

Faern Thadrum, Dwarven Crewman: Veteran, Loyal, Superstitious

Gomggan Kolmeif, Dwarven Crewman: Tireless, Built Like an Oxen, Dumb Muscle

Hirhud Kikdugan, Dwarven Crewman: Veteran, Insightful, Old

Dain Argavok, Dwarven Crewman: Fearless, Determined, Gloryhound – Wounded

Keldthal Fardmek, Dwarven Crewman: Cunning, Connections, Criminal Past

Kildik Farast, Dwarven Crewman: Respectful, Determined, Greenhorn – Wounded

Yab Yurdugan, Dwarven Crewman: Good Reputation, Forgiving, Insular

Garlo Kalddar, Dwarven Crewman: Veteran, Calm, Ambitious – Killed by Sea Drake

Dunif Yemerduum, Dwarven Crewman: Veteran, Fearless, Aggressive

Barunok Orvdur, Dwarven Crewman: Determined, Loyal, Hedonistic

Morgan L├╣tair, Human Crewman: Fearless, Respectful, Equality Activist

Cormac MacSiridh, Human Crewman: Gregarious, Tireless, Ambitious

Arodryn Adnelis, Half-Elf Crewman: Keen Eyes, Charming, Infamous Womanizer

Gnurl, Half-Orc Crewman: Built Like an Oxen, Heart of a Poet, Hates Fighting

Four Minor Noble Dwarven Newbies

The Aventurine Star and Crew

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