Blood of the Conquerers

Lightning in the North
Session 1

The adventure begins on the Aventurine Star, a small dwarven caravel sailing to the northern port city of Uthra. The party has several goals in mind, ranging from acquiring new contracts to investigating an abandoned temple of Ione. In the night, the ship was attacked by rare Sea Drakes who seemed to sneak aboard to drag the crew off to a watery grave. The adventurers and crew managed to kill one of the drakes and wound the other, but not before it had wounded several crewmembers and dragged one of the veterans into the open ocean. Korvak saw the shadow of a huge, undersea leviathan in the waters, but kept his peace. Sleep that night was uneasy.

In the morning the ship arrived at Uthra, and the party promptly split up to deal with their own agendas. Yimvar went in search of his order's temple only to find in squalor and disrepair. A dozen beggars had made it their new home.The old paladin cleared the temple of the poor beggars and began to look through the temple for sings of recent passing. He found a sword bearing the crest of his order that seemed newer than the ruins that surrounded it.

Korvak and Loki left for the local market and merchant's guilds to see what contracts were available. They agreed to transport a pair of captured assassins south to await trial and execution.

The party visited the Thane's estate, a place in just as much disrepair as the city, in the hopes of gathering information on the drakes that had attacked their ship and the local dragon cult. Thane Skaldor One Eye told them what he could, the only truly useful information being that cult activity was high near the underwater caves in the east.

That night, the town of Uthra was attacked by the whole of the dragon cult and the sea drakes at their command. In the initial chaos, the party was divided and alone. Korvak stayed with his ship, and ordered his crew to attack nearby drakes with a barrage of crossbow bolts. But the bolts did not find their mark, and many were dragged into the dark ocean currents. Yimvar refused to burn down the temple of his order when cultists stormed the place, and instead lead a militia in a grand attack on the temple. The cultists were driven out, but not before many militia had died. Loki found himself hiding in the pitch black estate of Thane Skaldor, and witnessed firsthand the death of the thane and his immediate family. Loki failed to grab Skaldor's signet ring, which could have proven a powerful symbol of legitimate authority, and barely escaped with his life.

The party then maanged to meet up in the old gardens in the center of the city, and moved out to defend the villages on the outside of the walls. There they saved a dwarven huntsmen with the gift of lycanthropy. The werewolf Freygar fled the battle and survived. He would later pledge loyalty to those who had saved him.

At this time in the battle, a behemoth of a dragon arose from the depths of the ocean and proclaimed that the old gods were dead. It seemed Morenth was real, and very powerful. She offered to spare any who would follow her and promised to ruthlessly destroyed those foolish enough to disagree.

In one last desperate gamble, the party climbed the sheer rocky cliff overlooking the city. At it's peak were two immense statues of dwarven kings supported by ropes and scaffolding. Loki and Yimvar battled the cult at the peak to give Korvak enough time to destroy the supports. The two statues fell from their eternal vigil and crashed into the ancient dragon below. the damage to Morenth was catastrophic. Now weakened and bleeding, the dragon was pulled out into the open ocean by the strong currents.

The day afterward the city hailed the party as saviors of Uthra. But with the death of the old thane, a new noble would have to take up the mantle. The party graciously supported Lady Duviel, and she became the new Thane of Uthra. A small period of rebuilding began as the city recovered.

Days passed: 10


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