Korvak Arkendum

A dignified dwarven sea captain trying to protect those close to him.


Korvak Arkendum is fairly tall for a dwarf, standing at 4’10". He has dark blue eyes and copper-colored hair pulled back in a braid, a trimmed beard, and a long, braided moustache adorned with rings. He wears a high-collared, navy blue admiral’s coat with similarly colored piping of a shinier material over a well-made suit of chain armor, brown trousers, and thick black boots. His favored weapon is a customized battleaxe, with a slightly enlarged and hooked rear head which he can use to catch hold of railings or anchor him in place, though he typically also carries a short cudgel and an ornamented dagger. He carries himself with a certain air of dignity and speaks Dwarven eloquently, though his Common is marked by a distinct accent.


Korvak captains The Aventurine Star, one of his house’s two remaining ships. The other, The Laughing Wave, is under the command of his younger brother Sorn. The two brothers could hardly be more different; with Sorn’s hot-tempered boisterousness and carefree attitude often clashing with Korvak’s reserved dignity, but the two share a strong bond of love and respect. Their youngest sibling, Cilra, shares a mix of their qualities. Quiet but good natured, Cilra has taken charge of the Arkendum estates as her brothers ply the seas, and her combination of kindness, intelligence, and beauty has won her the fierce admiration of the family’s subjects and no shortage of suitors.

Until recently, a third ship, The Stone Soul, also sailed beneath the house’s banners. Captained by Korvak’s father, Ragni, the vessel was considerably larger and more heavily armed than either of its kin. Unfortunately, it—and its captain—disappeared several years ago in the midst of a massive storm. No sign of Ragni, the Soul, or its crew have ever been found.

The Arkendum family has struggled since Ragni’s passing, both at the loss of its patriarch and its most impressive ship. Lareda, Ragni’s widow, has retired from active public life and grown increasingly distant from her children. Familial connections have kept the clan and their small harbor town afloat, but there has been increasing pressure on all three Arkendum children to begin repaying those debts—either monetarily or through marriages. Korvak has busied himself by taking any contract he can find, pushing his ship and his crew to their limits to amass the coin his family needs. Sorn has done similarly, though rumors have begun to spread that he’s been finding less forthright ways to make money. Cilra, meanwhile, struggles valiantly in throne rooms and council chambers and the occasional shadowy alcove, trying to find arrangements that will protect her family without binding them into subservience.

Korvak Arkendum

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